• For beginners & professionals
  • Low-risk
  • Simple and intuitive to use
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Create your personal portfolio from over 100 successful Expert Advisors.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can create a portfolio of multiple trading systems to increase your profit and reduce your risk. Here you can see the current performance of 10 individual systems.

What is PlentyTrade?

PlentyTrade is aimed at serious traders. There are no strategies to ‘become rich fast’. PlentyTrade is the low-risk trading solution for MetaTrader. Use our Plenty EA (Expert Advisor for the MetaTrader) to send signals of the most successful strategies from our platform to your own account. As a trader, you continue to choose which trading systems to implement in your portfolio, controlling your potential profit and loss.

Key features

  • Proven and tested strategies for immediate use
  • Current tracking of strategies
  • Risk-free testing of systems with a demo account
  • No programming skills required
  • Implementation at the institutional level

How does it work?


1. Register

Open your FREE DEMO account in less than 1 minute

2. Install software

Download our Expert Advisor and install it into your own MT4 account

3. Start your trading

Choose the best trading systems and start trading

What makes us different?

What is the difference between PlentyTrade and other trading systems platforms?

No wasted time

Our special algorithm selects only the best Expert Advisors to help you build your successful portfolio.

Increased returns

We show you only the most important figures of the systems, helping you to reduce risk and increase returns.

Only backtested systems

We consider only systems with a minimum 5-year backtest, which helps you to trust a system for your own trading.

No spread mark-up

If you use our PlentyEA there is no spread mark-up like other trading platforms. Simply use your existing account and install our software.

Safe money management

Same way that banks do this. We don’t allow you that you risk your entire capital only to become rich quickly.

Free 14 days trial

After that you can open an account with our partner broker and use our service for another 3 months free of charge in your real account.

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Sign-Up for a free DEMO account

Our free account will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with our trading platform. It’s easy to register, simply fill in the details below to open your free demo account today. There is no need to open a brokerage demo account in order to practice our fully automated solution.

Set up your own PlentyFolio to minimize risks and raise your profits


Invest in our best strategies


Only proven and tested trading systems


14 days free testing

Trading carries risks. Risk only capital whose loss you can handle.

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Click now or later on the question mark icon for an introduction to our platform in less than a minute.

We recommend following this tour on a desktop PC. If you are using a tablet or a phone, please try holding it in a landscape position.

Step 1 of 5

Introduction to our platform in less than 1 minute.

Click on a system name to see this system with all the statistics in a large chart.

Step 2 of 5

If you add a system to simulation later, use the - and + keys to control the risk per trade. An explanation can be found above the - and + keys when you mouse over the i - icon next to 'Risk per Trade in%'.

The Risk control panel also shows you how the adjustment changes the risk of the system. For a detailed description, now mouseover the i - icon next to Risk control .

Step 3 of 5

In this menu you will find over 100 tested trading systems. Only the best 10 systems per currency pair are displayed.

Now set the slide switch of any system to "On". Repeat this for up to 10 different systems to create your own PlentyFolio.

Step 4 of 5

Now click Simulation to go to the simulation page. You will then see your newly activated system with all statistical key figures and a large chart in the middle of the screen. Try it out!

Step 5 of 5

The number of your selected trading systems sending signals to your account can be found in this circle.

As a registered user, you can send the signals from this system to your account by clicking "Add to Plenty EA" .

Now click on a green "Add to Plenty EA" button to end this tour and sign up for a free demo account. Then start by clicking the question mark icon ( In the menu next to the "LOGIN" button), re-introduce the guide to learn how to use the Plenty EA.

Step 6 of 5

Your chosen strategy has now been added to your account. You'll find the number of strategies that send signals in a circle.

Demo EA sends the signal to your trial account and Plenty EA to your live account.

To switch to the account view, click Demo EA / Plenty EA.

Step 7 of 5

This is the end of our short introduction. You are now in your account view. The newly added system can be found on the right in the Trading System List (TSL). Click on the button "ALL SYSTEMS" to open the TSL.

For a detailed description of using our platform, see Tutorials .