PlentyTrade is a unique platform that allows users to easily create (and monitor) their own portfolio from up to ten individual systems and a variety of expert advisors of single currency pairs.

Who we are

More than 20 years of experience

Behind PlentyTrade stands a group of traders and programmers who have been active in international financial markets for more than 20 years. From many conversations and mentoring with our clients, we have discovered the various challenges for newcomers as well as advanced traders.

Through this experience and on the basis of our goal to after interested traders an entry into professional and automated trading, PlentyTrade was founded.

Strategies which can lead to considerable risks for the traded capital from a mathematical point of view are not permitted on our platform. That includes scalping strategies, martingale strategies, strategies without stop loss or strategies with high risk per trade – all of which are not allowed on our platform.

The security of the invested capital always comes first

PlentyTrade places great importance on transparency and test reliability of the individual trading strategies. We aim to offer long-term successful strategies in order to enable the user to compile and monitor their own portfolio of individual systems.
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