Frequent Questions

What is Plenty Trade?

PlentyTrade is a brand new concept of an trading platform. PlentyTrade only presents strategies that provide steady growth with reduced risk. Our focus is on long-term successful strategies. On the platform, you will only find systems that have been tested for lasting success. This significantly reduces the number of strategies. From the start, certain strategies are excluded. These are e.g. Scalping strategies, martingale strategies, strategies without stop-loss, or strategies with a high risk per trade. It is the goal of PlentyTrade to help you create a portfolio of up to ten expert advisors which you can adjust on your own whenever necessary. With this approach, you will already be working on a professional level.

Who should use this service?

This service is aimed primarily at traders who have not yet been able to achieve long lasting success in trading on the basis of their own behavior or mistaken position sizing. Most of the human mistakes that can be made in trading are eliminated when using the platform.

How long is the demo account valid?

To familiarize yourself with the functionality and handling of our platform, you can test it for free for 14 days.

How much money do I need for trading?

There are no restrictions on trading capital. However, we recommend a trade account with a minimum capitalization of 1000 USD or 1000 EUR.

Can I continue trading in my account?

There are no restrictions. You are allowed to use your existing account. The only condition is that your broker offers the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

How much will it cost me to use this service?

Once you sign up for PlentyTrade for free, you can test the platform for free for 14 days with a demo account. If you choose to use our service after a trial with your Metatrader account, you have several options. Generally, however, you will need to install our ‘Plenty EA‘ software in your Metatrader 4 account. For this, the software can be bought or sponsored by a broker.


  1. If you would like to test our software for a short time in your Metatrader account, you can purchase our software (PlentyEA) for three months. The purchase price is 199 EUR. At the end of this period, no signals will be sent to your Metatrader account.
  2. If you opt for unlimited use, purchase the software once for 499 EUR. All systems of the platform and all future updates are included in the price.
  3. It is also possible to get our software (Plenty EA) for free, for a period of three months, sponsored by our partner broker. For this it is necessary to open an account with a minimum deposit of 2500 USD or EUR. After capitalizing your account, you will receive a mail with the activation and can fully use our service.

What is the Plenty EA (Expert Advisor)?

Our software, called “Plenty EA”, is an expert advisor that forwards signals of your chosen trading strategies to your MT4 account. Simply install the “Plenty EA” into your Metatrader 4 account and receive the signals of the trading strategies you have selected. All strategies of the platform are available to you. Select up to 10 strategies at a time and create your own “PlentyFolio”. If you are no longer satisfied with some trading systems, simply exchange them with other systems on the platform.

I have no experience with Expert Advisors. Is it easy to use this?

Yes, it is easy. In a few steps, you will install our “Plenty EA” (Expert Advisor) and be ready to receive the signals of your selected trading systems. Detailed instructions on how to install the “Plenty EA” in your Metatrader 4 account can be found in our tutorials.

Can I use the "Plenty EA" with any broker?

Yes, you can use any broker that offers the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

How do I get the software "Plenty EA"?

In the menu, in the “Plans and Pricing” area, you will be taken to an order page. Select one of the three options and then download the software. Detailed instructions for downloading and installing the “Plenty EA” can also be found in our tutorials (“How to Install the Plenty EA”).

Are there limitations when using the Plenty EA?

No, there are no restrictions on usage. You can take advantage of all the trading systems offered on the PlentyTrade platform. Receive the signals from 10 trading strategies of your choice simultaneously to your Metatrader 4 account.

Make sure, however, that your MT 4 account is always open and connected to the internet. It makes sense to rent a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This will ensure that your MT 4 is always online.

Can I reboot MT4 while the "Plenty EA" is running?

Yes, that is possible, but keep the downtime during the “reboot” as short as possible. It’s best to restart the “Plenty EA” on the weekend when the market is closed.

Can I close trades manually in my MT4 account?

Yes you can but the best way is to do this on the PlentyTrade page in your account. How it works you can find on the tutorials. (How to monitor your PlentyFolio)

Do the systems on the platform have an SL and a TP?

Yes! Every single system has Stop Loss protection. The default setting is 1%. You can adjust this value to your individual risk tolerance by adjusting the value up or down using the “- and +” buttons in the Trading System List (TSL).

A take profit exists in many systems. The system description contains more details.

How many trades are opened by a system at the same time?

Each system can only open one position at a time. This can be a buy (long) or short position (short).

For example, if you have created your PlentyFolio with 10 trading systems, a maximum of 10 positions can be open at one time.

Can I install the Plenty EA with other trading systems on the same MT4?

Yes, that is possible!

Can I also trade manually if I have the "Plenty EA" installed?

Yes, that is possible.

Can I also trade with micro-lots?

We even recommend a Metatrader account that allows trading in micro-lots. This allows a more accurate calculation of the trading size. If your account only allows the trading of mini-lots, the smallest position size is 0.1 lot. Under certain circumstances, the risk management of the “Plenty EA” does not match your account size. If your broker offers only mini-lots, your account size should be at least $ 10,000 or equivalent.

What kind of internet connection and computer hardware do I need?

We recommend a stable internet connection and computer hardware that works around the clock from the market opening on Sunday evening until the market closes on Friday night.

It is recommended to rent a cheap VPS (Virtual Private Server).

What happens if the Internet connection is interrupted for a short time?

This does not have much impact as long as the internet connection is restored within a short time.

What happens in the event of a power failure or when the computer is restarted?

While the connection is lost, no new trades are opened. However, since all trades are provided with stop loss protection and sometimes take profit from the outset, the open positions are still monitored. Once the power is restored, restart your computer and Metatrader account and make sure Plenty EA is enabled.

What if I have further questions?

Please contact our support via our contact form.

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Click now or later on the question mark icon for an introduction to our platform in less than a minute.

We recommend following this tour on a desktop PC. If you are using a tablet or a phone, please try holding it in a landscape position.

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Introduction to our platform in less than 1 minute.

Click on a system name to see this system with all the statistics in a large chart.

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If you add a system to simulation later, use the - and + keys to control the risk per trade. An explanation can be found above the - and + keys when you mouse over the i - icon next to 'Risk per Trade in%'.

The Risk control panel also shows you how the adjustment changes the risk of the system. For a detailed description, now mouseover the i - icon next to Risk control .

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In this menu you will find over 100 tested trading systems. Only the best 10 systems per currency pair are displayed.

Now set the slide switch of any system to "On". Repeat this for up to 10 different systems to create your own PlentyFolio.

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Now click Simulation to go to the simulation page. You will then see your newly activated system with all statistical key figures and a large chart in the middle of the screen. Try it out!

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The number of your selected trading systems sending signals to your account can be found in this circle.

As a registered user, you can send the signals from this system to your account by clicking "Add to Plenty EA" .

Now click on a green "Add to Plenty EA" button to end this tour and sign up for a free demo account. Then start by clicking the question mark icon ( In the menu next to the "LOGIN" button), re-introduce the guide to learn how to use the Plenty EA.

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Your chosen strategy has now been added to your account. You'll find the number of strategies that send signals in a circle.

Demo EA sends the signal to your trial account and Plenty EA to your live account.

To switch to the account view, click Demo EA / Plenty EA.

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This is the end of our short introduction. You are now in your account view. The newly added system can be found on the right in the Trading System List (TSL). Click on the button "ALL SYSTEMS" to open the TSL.

For a detailed description of using our platform, see Tutorials .