Expert Advisor Trading 3.0

Quality over quantity

PlentyTrade aims to help private investors make better investment decisions by using computer-based strategies, so-called ‘expert advisors’.

Human actions are often influenced by fear, greed and arrogance, leading to irrational decisions when dealing with money on the stock market. Therefore, it was our goal to develop a platform that offers only proven and comprehensible strategies that will eliminate most of the mistakes often made in terms of money management in trading. In addition, two important questions often asked by traders will be answered: when to enter a market and when to close one’s positions again.

Since the psychological aspect in trading cannot be disregarded, we decided to go as far as analyzing the strategies in a historical context. Only when we can prove that the strategies presented have been successful in the past, will they be offered on the platform and continually observed. This helps to understand the current results in a larger context and, in turn, creates not only confidence but also eliminates several psychological traps.

Trading like a pro

Risk control made easy

Trading is a game with probabilities. Using automated trading, you are able to perform and monitor several strategies at the same time. Just as banks and large asset managers divide their capital into many assets to minimize their risk, you should also set up your trading. This means

Trade multiple systems in multiple markets with multiple time frames

PlentyTrade focuses on the essentials. Complex calculations and adaptations of position variables, which are difficult to understand, are a thing of the past. There is only one thing in trading that is important: What is the relationship between profit and risk? In order to help you evaluate the Expert Advisors, we have integrated a simple and effective tool into the platform. This allows you to control your portfolio at any time and to verify whether your investment goals match your personal risk.

Plenty Trade

The platform for serious traders – a new standard


You are only presented strategies that have been proven to be profitable.


All strategies are subjected to a test before they are made public in order to determine whether they’ve proven to be profitable in the past.

Plenty Trade only publishes those trading strategies on the platform which are promising from a mathematical point of view.

You will not find any scalping strategies, nor martingale strategies or high risk per trade strategies. Strategies that take profits quickly and hold losses over days and weeks are excluded as well.

Special, easy-to-use tools help you to adjust your profit to your personal risk level.

You will always have everything under your control.

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