Foreign exchange trading is associated with a high risk and therefore not suitable for every investor. Particularly trading with leverage involves significant risks. The high financial leverage effect can work for, but also against you. Carefully consider your investment or speculation objectives, your financial situation, your willingness to take risks, your needs, your experience, and your knowledge of the subject before you begin trading online on the financial markets or on off-exchange trading platforms.

There is always a correlation between high profit and high risk. Any kind of trade and speculation with financial products, with which an unusually high profit (yield) can be achieved, means an equally increased risk factor.

Take note that past profits are not necessarily a guarantee for positive results in the future. With speculative trading in foreign exchange or derivative contracts you could lose your capital expenditure in full or in part. Only deal with money that you can easily afford to lose. Be aware of all the risks associated with online trading of financial products. Before investing in funds, gain as much extensive experience in trading fictitious capital as possible. That way, you can test your selected strategy without involving any financial risk and familiarize yourself with the traded systems.


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