What is trend following?

Trend Following is a trading strategy that follows the current market trend. For this style of trading, the directional movement of the price is being identified and the trend followed until it reverses. Traders using the Trend Following strategy do not aim to predict certain price levels, they simply follow the market trend. A trend is defined by the fact that the majority of market participants possess and hold the same market opinion over a longer period of time. Now and then there are times when the market follows a very long trend. Even beginners on the market and followers can make good money with Trend Following in these market phases. A so-called stock market bubble is the result of an exaggerated trend; when it bursts, it is often followed by a strong counter-movement.

Trend Following – with the help of Expert Advisers

The trend order is one of the most popular and lucrative stock market strategies. To detect a trend, classic indicators such as the moving average, Bollinger bands or standard deviation are often being used to determine the general direction of the market. To relieve the trader, one can, with the help of so-called Expert Advisor, automatically scan the traded markets for Trend Following opportunities. Automatic programs constantly monitor even the tiniest market movements. This saves a lot of time as the constant control of the chart for good trading opportunities becomes superfluous. If the program discovers a cheap buying opportunity, a trading signal will be generated immediately.

Trend Following – made easy with PlentyTrade

Using our Expert Adviser will save you the hassle of searching for trend markets. Our platform provides you with a variety of Trend Following strategies for instant usage. Choose the strategy which best suits your needs and send the signals directly to your MT4 account. However, professional traders always trade multiple strategies simultaneously. This makes it possible to reduce risk and maximize revenue. With the help of PlentyTrade, the creation of a portfolio is a piece of cake. Only a few mouse clicks and you can create your own PlentyFolio, differentiating yourself from the majority of traders.

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